Hi-Capacity Li-ion Battery [4400 mAh] For IBM ThinkPad R61i R61 (14-inch wide) Levono ThinkPad T400 fits 42T5225 42T5227 42T5262 42T5264 42T5229 Laptop Notebook Main Battery (ONLY for Laptops of 14-inch widescreen)

PLEASE MAKE SURE THAT THE BATTERY PART NUMBERS LISTED IN THE DESCRIPTION MATCHES THE BATTERY PART NUMBER WHICH LOCATE ON THE BACK OF YOUR BATTERY BEFORE YOU PURCHASE, same indication of laptop competence regulating opposite batteries. Replacement For: 42T5225 42T5227 42T5262 42T5264 42T5229 41U3197 42t5263 42t5230 Fit Machine Models: ThinkPad R61 Series(14-inch wide) ThinkPad T61 Series(14-inch wide) ThinkPad R61i Series(14-inch wide) ThinkPad R61e Other laptop batteries: ThinkPad Z60t 92P1126 ThinkPad R60e 40Y6799 ThinkPad R60e Series 92P1134 ThinkPad X60s Series 40Y6999 ThinkPad X60s Series 40Y6999 ThinkPad A20 Series 08K8025 ThinkPad A20 Series 08K8025 ThinkPad T20 02K6620 ThinkPad X20 02K6839 Thinkpad A21E 02K6739 ThinkPad A30 array 02K6879 Thinkpad R30 02K6822 Thinkpad T30 Series 02K7034 ThinkPad X30 Series 02K7039 ThinkPad X30 02K7039 Thinkpad R32 Series 02K7054 ThinkPad R50E 08K8194 Thinkpad X40 Series 92P1002 Thinkpad X40 Series 92P1002 ThinkPad X41 Tablet Series 73P5167 Thinkpad X40 Series 92P1002 ThinkPad 600 02K6919 ThinkPad R61 Series 42T5225 ThinkPad i1700 Series 02K6520 ThinkPad i1700 Series 02K6520 T43 mediabay T60 mediabay ThinkPad R50E 08K8194 ThinkPad R40e Series 92P0987 All a batteries ThinkPad X61 Tablet Personal Computer Series 40Y8314 ThinkPad T61 Series(14-inch wide) 42T5225

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